OpenTransportNet brings together an unprecedented powerhouse of state-of-the-art capabilities expertise in GI, Open Data and Open Innovation.  OpenTransportNet has the capability, support and first-hand knowledge required to stimulate business innovation and experimentation with GI data across Europe and beyond. 

Project Coordinator

CORVE is the coordinator of OpenTransportNet and is ultimately responsible for the successful implementation of the project. In addition to management activities they will oversee the Proof of Concept pilot in Antwerp and will provide dissemination support through their Citadel Network.

Project Partners

IS Practice will work closely with CORVE to provide the day-to-day project management activities, including meeting management, quality assurance and progress monitoring.

Intrasoft International is the technical lead for the project. Intrasoft is responsible for creating the technical specifications for the Hub, integrating and customising existing components to create the Hub, as well as hosting and maintaining the network. In addition Intrasoft will provide business support mentoring to potential new businesses arising out of the Hubs use.

21c Consultancy leads the Co-Design and user requirements process, as well as supporting Issy Media with dissemination and exploitation activities. In addition to these roles, 21c will use their experience as small business mentors to contribute to the business support processes during the Piloting phase. 

Birmingham City Council will be leading the UK Pilot for OpenTransportNet. They will be responsible for locating and collating UK GI and Open Data for aggregation into the Hub, stimulating and encouraging end-users to join the network, as well as monitoring and collecting results. 

imec (previously iMinds) has a dual role in the project. The provision of the 'Data Tank' data aggregator solution for OTN Hubs and leading the evaluation of the project using their Living Lab methodology and on-ground validation experience. In addition, imec will support dissemination activities by providing a channel to potential new Hub adopters through the European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL).

Cen Group, as transport experts, will coordinate the Pilot deployments through the creation of a Strategic Pilot Plan. They will assist Pilot leads in developing Pilot scenarios, rolling out the solution, engaging stakeholders and monitoring results. In addition, as a Transportation SME, Cen Group will provide business mentoring and support to new start-ups.

Help Service Remote Sensing (HSRS) will use its experience with cloud-based spatial data management and mobility data management to adapt the different Hub geospatial components and will contribute to the design and development of the platform. HSRS will bring into project existing technologies for management of transport data, transport planning, but also object-tracking. HSRC will also bring experience with end-user cooperation.

Issy Media will perform two roles in the project. Leader of dissemination activities and Pilot site demonstrator. Deploying an on-the-ground Pilot gives Issy Media first hand user engagement experience for translating engagement techniques and messaging into a methodology for use by all Pilot sites. 

EDIP will assist OTN with data modelling and insight activities during the Pilot deployments. In addition, EDIP has experience in Traffic engineering softwares for analysing traffic accident data, both statistical and GI data.

University of West Bohemia (UWB) will be responsible for data aggregation and management. Their main task will be to secure the interoperability of spatial and non-spatial data through definition of common data models and other data specifications, integration techniques and procedures of data management. UWB, as an academia representative, will be involved in dissemination activities.

EXIGEN will help provide support to OTN in a number of ways, from engaging Insurance providers to participate in the Hubs, to assisting innovators with mobile service solution development using GI Open Data and exploitation.

The City of Antwerp is one of the four Pilot sites in the OTN project. They will help facilitate the Co-Design process through Stakeholder engagement workshops, and will deploy an OTN Hub in the city, engage users and monitor impact and results. 

Athens Technology Center (ATC) will be involved together with Intrasoft in creating the integration plan and providing their tried and tested participation tools as the basis for the Community Forum Module.