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OTN Liberec Environmental Maps: Explore, Use & Create Your Own

Flooding is an international phenomenon whose consequences are more often than not detrimental to human wellbeing, infrastructure and socio-economic development of the affected area. Floods in Europe are a frequent occurrence; they affect many countries and the Czech Republic is no exception. In 2010, the Liberec region in the north of the country suffered from devastating flash floods that caused damage worth billions of crowns and claimed several human lives.

Dynamic Visualisation of Volume of Traffic

Traffic jams and traffic delays are everyday reality for many people living in large cities and conurbation areas. Several studies provide numbers of hours which a driver spends in a traffic jams per year. (For example, the INRIX traffic scorecard website shows data about traffic delays in Northern America and West Europe). In the case of Liberec Pilot, traffic generators are at the level of detail corresponding to city parts/districts.