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OpenTransportNet is an exciting new project designed to revolutionise the way transport related services are created across Europe.  By bringing together open geo-spatial data within City Data Hubs and enabling it to be viewed in new easy to understand ways, OpenTransportNet will enable:

  • Anyone to have fun with data, by viewing data mash-up's in maps and graphs and be able to use and embed these maps in their own websites
  • Public Sector users to gain insights from linking and visualising different data sets and be able to make better public service decisions based on the findings
  • Businesses and entrepreneurs to use the data to enhance existing services and build new transport-related services
  • The wider open community to benefit from the project outputs and findings to advance geospatial data standards such as INSPIRE

OpenTransportNet is currently in a development phase.  The Consortium supports an open innovation culture and as such would love to hear from anyone interested in supporting our aims in any way.


OTN's 2014 Data Survey Results

To get a first-hand sense of how Cities are using Geospatial Information and the barriers they face in its use, the OTN team created and distributed a snap-shot data survey across Europe.  The results of which are detailed in the embedded infographic.  For more information on the survey results please see the 'Current Situation Analysis' deliverable under the Documents tab on this site.



ISAF Conference 15th – 17th September 2014 in Jelgava, Latvia

This conference cannot be missed! Have a quick look below and then just click on this link to be redirected to the conference website for more details. Abstract submissions are accepted until 31st July 2014!

18th International Conference on Information Systems for Agriculture and Forestry
15th – 17th September 2014 in Jelgava, Latvia
together with workshop  Open Data for Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Rural development

Conference topics

OTN Newsletter #1

The first official OpenTransportNet newsletter is out!
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It is the 8th time the INSPIRE Conference brings together  users,  technology developers, data providers and  policy makers from across the European Union to discuss issues related to the “Infrastructure of Spatial Information in the European Community”.