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Check Out New Ile-de-France Map & Create Your Own

You can judge how smart and lively one city is by just looking at its transportation. This map shows the lines of the rail network, buses and lines under construction (Grand Paris Express - green line) in Issy and Ile-de-France. You can see all connections available in the area from train/subway lines to the bus and underground lines. Train, metro and bus stops are also displayed. Check how is your city doing in terms of transportation by creating your own map!


OTN Liberec Environmental Maps: Explore, Use & Create Your Own

Flooding is an international phenomenon whose consequences are more often than not detrimental to human wellbeing, infrastructure and socio-economic development of the affected area. Floods in Europe are a frequent occurrence; they affect many countries and the Czech Republic is no exception. In 2010, the Liberec region in the north of the country suffered from devastating flash floods that caused damage worth billions of crowns and claimed several human lives.