OTN partner HSRS created a module - CKAN2CSW - that will aid the synchronisation of records from CKAN 2 Micka CSW. In the context of OTN project, CKAN is used as an input for new data, both harvested and uploaded. CKAN can also be used for data storage if needed. When changes to a dataset are made special extension (Webhooks) detects them and notifies CKAN2CSW accordingly. (The Celery daemon is part of CKAN that assists this process.) CKAN2CSW requests full details every time a change is flagged and then converts this data to a CSW transaction that is later sent to Micka. This process allows Micka to be kept in sync with CKAN and serve as a single catalogue for the project, hosting both geo and non-geo metadata.

Publication Date: 
Friday, January 15, 2016