Ghent Cycling Traffic: Check Out Our New Map & Create Your Own!

Cycling is so popular in the Belgian city of Ghent that some like to call it the centre of cycling universe. With many year-round cycling events, routes, bike paths and shops, Ghent is definitely one of the best cities to experience Europe's cycling culture. But have you ever wondered how dense the cycling traffic is in Ghent? If you have but don't know the answer, check out OTN's Ghent Bicycle Traffic Volumes map composition. It uses data collected by means of a mobile app that was rolled out in Flanders during the Fietstelweek 2015, and is available here

You can also create your own map for Ghent. Just go to and use the available data and tools to produce a stunning map in just a few clicks. We will then feature your work in our monthly newsletter! Please remember to tag OTN when posting your compositions on Facebook and/or Twitter.

Publication Date: 
Monday, November 21, 2016