OTN Joins GIS Workshop in Prague

On 18 January 2016 OTN was presented to around 150 GIS enthusiasts who gathered at the premises of the Czech Association for Geoformation to hear about latest developments in the field of open geospatial data. Karel Charvát from HSRS drew audience’s attention to the buoyant cooperation between OTN and projects like SDI4Apps and FOODIE and emphasised the importance of such cooperation in sustaining EU-funded projects after the official lifecycle. Following workshop discussions the participants agreed that, on a technical level, harmonisation, development of the so-called data pumps and establishment of periodic updates are key to ensuring data projects’ survival in the competitive market without EC support. And since well-maintained and up-to-date datasets can significantly extend the added value of finished EU projects membership of non-profit entities like Plan4All Association can offer a particularly promising path to sustainability. 

Publication Date: 
Tuesday, January 19, 2016