OTN Liberec Environmental Maps: Explore, Use & Create Your Own

Flooding is an international phenomenon whose consequences are more often than not detrimental to human wellbeing, infrastructure and socio-economic development of the affected area. Floods in Europe are a frequent occurrence; they affect many countries and the Czech Republic is no exception. In 2010, the Liberec region in the north of the country suffered from devastating flash floods that caused damage worth billions of crowns and claimed several human lives. Given the region's history, it is not surprising that flooding is one of the focal points of the OTN pilot Liberec.

Recently, the pilot produced two map compositions intended to help Liberec citizens better prepare for and cope with natural disasters like flooding.

Hydrology Map (https://goo.gl/uSuYaJ) allows users to follow current hydro-meteorological situation in the region and to see three different levels of flood threat/alert (emerging, real and state of emergency). The map consists of many layers but the two most important ones are current precipitation and current river levels. There is also a cadastral map for easier property identification.

Figure 1. Liberec region hydrology map

Liberec Points of Interest Flood Map (https://goo.gl/AOJ3ow) displays location and contact information of different organizations that can provide help and assistance during flooding. These include police, fire brigades, hospitals, schools, as well as organisations providing transportation and different types of emergency services, including forest, sewage and water pipe maintenance.

Figure 2. Liberec Points of Interest Flood Map

The pilot is now looking for your contributions to enrich its map portfolio. Create a stunning map for Liberec using available datasets for a chance to be featured in November 2016 issue of the OTN newsletter. Remember to tag OTN when posting your contributions on Facebook and/or Twitter!

Publication Date: 
Friday, November 11, 2016