OTN Team Wins Riga Hackathon With a New Transport Application

Pavel Hájek, Dmitrij Kožuch, Agris Šnepsts and Frantisek Kolovsky were in a team that came first in the Baltic Open (Geo) Data Hackthon that took place on 16-18 March 2016, Riga, Latvia.

Using data from a range of sources (Riga Open Data portal, Open Transport Map, Open Land Use Map), and taking inspiration form the Second OTN White Paper, OTN partners created a demo application that can help optimize public transport in the Latvian capital.

The team focused on bus links because bus datasets were the only type of public transport data available.

Using bus links, their segments and individual bus stops, and taking into consideration such things as land use, people density and road infrastructure in the area surrounding the bus stop, the team was able to perform the initial analysis and start work on the optimization of public transport aimed at making the latter more efficient and enjoyable for everyone.

The end result (see the initial visualizations here) was the product of concerted efforts by the whole team that followed a number of steps and is planning to take more in the coming months. At the hackathon the team had to calculate the frequency of bus connections at individual stops and the daily number of people getting on the bus at these locations. It is now trying to figure out how best to identify spots that are too weak or too strong based on the results of two previous steps – a weak spot is one where demand exceeds connections and a strong one is where connections exceed demand – and how to identify any relationships between bus connections and the density of residential or industrial buildings in the area adjacent to the bus stop. Finally, the team needs to consider data on traffic intensity to be able to propose better bus routes in particular road segments.

The whole OTN consortium is proud of Pavel’s, Dmitrij’s, Agris’ and Frantisek's excellent performance and would like to wish them the best of luck in all their future endeavours. The team's final visualizations will be published on http://opentransportnet.eu/web/guest/create-maps in Map Compositions section.

The Baltic Open (Geo) Data Hackthon was organised for the first time by Zemgale Planning Region, Latvia, and received generous support from a number of project and companies, among them SDI4Apps, HSRS, FOODIE, CCSS, Exigen, Wireless Info, as well as OTN.

Participants in the second and third teams were

Other teams that participated in the hackathon included

Publication Date: 
Thursday, March 31, 2016