Pilsen Traffic App In Top 10 CZ Open Data Solutions

OTN’s visualisation Pilsen Traffic Volumes won the seventh place in the Open Data 2016 competition organised by the Otakar Motejl Fund. The Fund facilitates transformation of public administrations in the Czech Republic so that citizens, businesses and civil society organisations can benefit from more efficient and more transparent services. This year’s competition saw 30 innovative solutions that in one way or another use Open Data to improve public service delivery, but only 10 made it into the top list. OTN’s solution impressed the judges with its innovative approach to visualisation of (open) traffic data, and because the map has a real-life application – Pilsen authorities will be able to use it to regulate traffic flows on two main roads during the planned construction works. Pilsen citizens can also use the app to better plan their commute during the road works to avoid streets with heavy traffic, for example by using tram instead of a car. OTN team is extremely happy with the result and would like to extend special thanks to those partners who were most closely involved in the solution's design and creation. These are IS-Practice, University of West Bohemia, EDIP and HSRS. Congratulations!

Publication Date: 
Thursday, November 24, 2016