VGI and Citizen Observatories INSPIRE Hack

OTN is proud to support INSPIRE 2016 conference with a number of workshops focusing on volunteered georgaphic information (VGI) and citizen science. These hackathon-style events aim to create a common space where people interested in VGI and citizen science can come together and use the results/tools of different projects, including SDI4Apps and FOODIE, to generate new ideas and services. 

On Monday 26 September 2016 Karel Charvat from HSRS will moderate three workshops: one in the morning (11:00) and two in the afternoon (14:00, 16:00). The first one will present  projects and tools that specifically deal with VGI and citizen observatories. In addition to OTN, these will include

  • CITI-SENSE, Citizen Observatory on Air Quality
  • COBWEB, Citizen Observatory on Biodiversity
  • WeSenseIt, Citizen Observatory on Flooding and Water
  • SDI4Apps, which seeks to build a cloud-based framework with open API for data integration focusing on the development of six pilot applications
  • FOODIE, which focuses on standardization and integration of Open Data for Agriculture

The second workshop will allow participants to present their ideas on how tools mentioned in the previous session can be used in new and different contexts. And the third one will focus on interoperability issues and how these can be overcome, including with the help of standards and new technologies.

The hackathon is organised with a set of specific objectives in mind. These include 

  • generating concrete proposals for how the outcomes of previous research projects can be reused to spur the creation of new Citizen Observatories;
  • develoing additional toolkits for Citizen Observatories; and
  • defining the contours of prototype data models that can be used across existing and future Citizen Observatories and other citizen science initiatives.

Registration for physical participation is still open. Those who would like to participate but are not abple to come along can join OTN team remotely. The room will be open 26-30 September 2016 from 08:00 until 20:00. No password is required. 

Publication Date: 
Wednesday, September 14, 2016